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The Black Smoke Family Arabians

Something of a phenomenon in the ranks of European breeding and showing programs. Over the course of just a few years, horses from Black Smoke have taken on and triumpfed against the best that many much older, established farms had to offer.

The reasons for such success are founded on the broad-minded, yet practical, philosophy of is owner, Thomas Mayer. In 1985 I bought my first horse. Two years later I bought my first Arabian mare. After I studdied many older books and magazines I bought the Stallion DP Black Smoke from Dragon Place Arabians in Canada. This was the beginning of The Black Smoke Family. Before I got involved with horses my family raised dairy cows for many generations. So when my father decided to retire, a decision had to be made between the cows and the horses. Today I think it was the right decision. All of this would not have been possible without the support and love of my wife Birke. She is with me since almost 15 years. Before I met her, she was very succesful with dressage horses. Since Feb.10.1999 we are a real family. It is the birthday of our little "blond " son MERLIN. For sure it is a very good feeling to have your own baby. Today my family owns about 75 arabians, 10 partbreds and some warmbloods.

In 1990 we showed our first horse at an arabian horse show. Only 3 years later we won the titles of the European Championship and the Nations Cup Champion with the black yearling colt Taladinn. As a 3 years old, we took him back in the Showring and he was World Champion in Paris 1995. In 1997 we sold him to Saudi Arabia, but he left back around 30 colts and fillys. Since this we sold 12 more arabians to Saudi Arabia. The Taladinn son Ala Aldein was named National Junior res. Champion of Saudi Arabia and the colt Wadim Ibn Sharkassow was named Most Classic Head Champion in Quatar. And finally, since 20th May 2003, we are complete! Because our daughter LUCY was born. I could tell you much more about us, but we would like it much more, if you would visit us and then with a cup of coffee or a good german beer or wine we go on and continue.



Please note: If you like one of the horses that are not on sale, feel free to ask for more details.

Al Hakim *01

Amoun Amir

BS Echnaton *05

Eklipse O

Black Smoke

Taladinn *91

Biquest *75

BS Beethoven *95

BS Summerset *98

Le Createur

BS Black Sky


BS Tuja

Ferdous Al Badeia *87

Arabella S *94

Set El Leyl *97

BS Hakima

BS Esmeralda

Jai-Rhan Ahkirah *04

BS Taladina

BS Desideria



BS Love Theme

BS Babooshka

Sivka *84

BS Stella

Winnetka *84

BS Balalaijka

Watseka *91


BS Delicious *97

BS Muscadeena *98

BS DDeborah *01

BS Indian Summer *03

BS Paparazza *05

Black Smoke Arabians